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Music In Health

Chris Boyd Brewer and LifeSounds provides resources for integrating art, music and sound in health for individuals and organizations.

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  Vibroacoustic Music

  • learn more about the benefits of music that you feel as well as hear

  • find out about facilities that use vibroacoustic music for pain and anxiety management

  • order Somatron vibroacoustic equipment and vibroacoustic recordings

  • find out about our training and program development work

  • read research summaries and articles

  Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)

  • learn about Guided Imagery and Music and it's uses

  • purchase GIM music packages for practitioners and trainers

  • see our schedule for Guided Imagery and Music training

  MARI© Mandala Art Therapy

  • learn about MARI© Mandala Therapy

  • see our schedule for training in MARI© Mandala Therapy

  Brain Gym

  • see our catalog of music recommendations for Brain Gym activities

See our comprehensive Music and Learning site about integrating music and the arts into classroom curriculum-for all ages!

Nurse Leigh Svitlik prepares for work by using the Somatron clinical recliner at the Nurses Oasis, a Healing Arts room for staff at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, Florida.

A clinical program evaluation at the National Institutes of Health demonstrated 54% reduction of pain and symptoms using this vibroacoustic recliner. See our Research section for the full study.

This Somatron vibroacoustic floor and wall are used in physical therapy, with the autistic, and for people who are mentally or physically disabled. A specially-designed version is shown here at the Health Adventure childrens’ museum in Asheville, NC. It is the "Feel Music" portion of an exhibit on the human body, The "Body Carnival."